Q: How come there isn’t any picture of new things up?

A: the reason why there’s not really anything that new up is because I’ve kinda took a back seat to the whole veeci thing. The reason for this blog was to upload pics of what i can do and show what i have done so far so that when ppl ask to see samples or examples i can direct them here instead of saying (oh type in veeci clothing in facebook) this seems more professional than a facebook page and yeah a website would be alot better BUT i want a website on the level of this

and in order for me to do that money has to be involved money that im saving im not yet ready to start making major moves with my clothing just yet but when i do i know i’ll take it to a level that no1 has reached yet 😀

Q: What does Veeci/V.C stand for?

A: Visual Creativity but it was formerly Verlonge Clothing and it was that because i started out as my friends designer (he had/has a promotional company called Verlonge Ents) where i did a range of t-shirts that wer printed (hence why a few things have “Verlonge” on it) then i developed and went at it alone and started the whole Visual Creativity which is the strictly material and hand sewing onto clothes thing (sometimes when ppl ask i still say verlonge clothing lol i even get tongue tied and ppls still call me verlonge clothing i don’t mind anyway) but it is now Visual Creativity and i spell is “VEECI” because i wanted a kinda “word” to put on clothes like e.g. Calvin Klein can either put Calvin Klein on clothes or CK or his Logo….Make sense?

Q: What is the inspiration behind Veeci?

A: Clothing lines such as Sean Jean, BabyPhat and Vivienne Westwood. I like to create things that has meaning thats why my 1st line of Tops were all about the Peace sign and my 2nd line was all about the Emotions so the next one i do will be based around something else infact everything i do will be based around something with meaning. I would also say that Vannessa & Angela  Simmons (ownders of Shoe/Clothing Company Pastry) are also major influences their whole marketing idea colour schemes and ideas are very good

Q: What would you class Veeci as in terms of style

A: I’m still tryna find myself as a designer cause i can design everything i dunno if i should stick with the whole “Urbanish” style of clothing or go into the whole more elegant kinda style. To be honest i do feel more comfy with the urban style of designing, im tryna find a way to combined the two without looking all over the place. if you see my influence ther all different from each other i like seanjohn smart swag i like babphats girly look and i love viv’s rebellious style. I think American Sportswear is the kinda look ill be developing into as a designer (and when i say American sportswear I don’t mean NBA basketball kits or American football stuff lol i mean “American Sportswear in High Fashion terminology”).

Another thing is i like to do “ONE OFFS” I don’t really like to do repeats thats another thing about me if you look at all my clothes you’l see that every jumper hoody t-shirt etc, all the designs are different as in all the materials i use are always different. Its something else i want to keep as well as a designer my one off colour scheming.

E.G of American SportsWear

Q: What are the future plans for Veeci?

A: I have alotta plans once i feel I’ve saved enough to do what i need to do and make all my plans into full blown actions then ill be doing the veeci PROPPA. I don’t really wanna say ideas and that but ill just say that my notepads getting thicker.

Q: If i wanted to purchase Veeci How would i go about doing so?

A: That’s quite a sticky situation after doing the BBC stuff alotta people have been asking me and cause i don’t have a website or professional images to put onto that website it causes some problems when it comes to payments and so on but the people that have asked me already i will do them for but every1 else will have to wait till im up and running 100% for now veeci is only running like 25%


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