THE START OF GREAT THINGS (fingers crossed)

so this is what ive bin working on this is onli 4 out of 6 designs and the hats aint with me yet they are still in china cuz im makin a few changes to the hat designs but other than that im happy with the outcome i obviously dont wanna show the design just … Continue reading


did a shoot recently for my snapback collection and also introducing some tops and footwear that i will be unleashing onto the world soon i pray pray pray that it is received well and this will be the beginning for meee whoooop lol a big thank you to YSjewellery for lending me some earring for … Continue reading


Hey ppls basically i have done a 360 lol which is the story of my life really and something i must work on because im forever changing my mine…..FUNK by Veeci has been put on hold for a while because i am working on the veeci official website and a few of my retail focused … Continue reading


This was taken (LAPTOP SCREEN) with my iphone and its all i have image wise 2day all my files from my lappy were wiped off…it was a very emotional time trust me!….thank God tho that most off my files that i need anyways r still on my old laptops hard-drive….or else i would be in … Continue reading


I am still waitin for all of my deliveries to arrive 1 have 1 or two things left and then i can get down to business i have been using my time while i wait productivly tho 😀 SO FAR my…. I went out and spent almost 3 hours in the fabric store tryna get … Continue reading


I was searching for a file which i didnt find 😦 on my laptop but i came across these designs that i drew yearsssssssssss ago lol i just lol’d and aww blessed myself… I remeber doing this one (Above) its was Aaliyah inspired… MEMORIES!! I look back at these and think gosh ive come a … Continue reading


What a beautiful holiday loved it 2 much!! The Apartment in the city (well 2 pics of it lol) Beautiful buildings Loved this display Loveeeeed this window display at puma it gave me ideas I liked this display….all black with a touch ov red.. Inside the Mall So beautiful Im so happy lol i loved … Continue reading


While watchin my new No.1 show  “SINGLE LADIES” my eyes couldnt help but ZOOM into the handbag mz lisaraye was holding in 1 scene Yes im that sad i paused it and took a nice pic of it lol i mean how else am i meAnt to show ppl what im lookin for cuz i … Continue reading


so since ive onli just discoverd how to put ur own patten on2 a design on illustrator (terrible i kno concidering that ive bin using illustrator 4 many many years now lol smh)  i hav now started designing more and putting my patterns/print designs onto the designs because even tho my designs are plan and … Continue reading

Latest Obsession n Todays Nails

yep its rings im obsessed and now im just buying them and starting my collection everything is from primark apart from the biggest 1 (the 1 with the white in tha middle) that was from h       Went into newlook yday and saw these i wanted to buy them alll but i thought no … Continue reading

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