Ever since doing this little BBC project even though i have said i’m going back into hiding mode cause to be honest its been like a year since ive done anything with my veeci brand but since this project ive started to think alot more about my plans and stuff so ive basically started planning everything from ideas to costs to website designs (which im designing myself on paper) to marketing strategies and so on.

I took a trip back to the BBC studios to drop off a few receips and have a chat with my cousin…

…where we got talking about goals and where we see ourselfs in 5/6years he was giving me a lecture about y havnt got things proppa moving and ect ect and i had 2 explaine to him about fundings (NO MONEY NO BUSINESS) and how in order to get into stores i have to be serious theres no point in trying succeeding then getting a large order then no being able to do it…

BUT i wont bore you with the levels the convo got taken to but it was very informative on both parts anyway so that same day i went and purchased my a4 lined paper book

and started brainstorming and planning things out properly…

…other notes/pieces of paper etc etc i have done/used before to put notes down oon and so on are all stuck in the back….yes this looks very messy lol but everything that came to my head went str8 down so now these ideas will be broken down and developed.

Two things i am struggling with in terms of ideas is:

1. How I’m going to keep the 1 offs idea running through my ranges trying figure out if that would even be possible to do or issit better to have a set range then do exclusives hmmmmm….*thinking*

2. How can i start things without having costs/funding as a set back trying think of other ways to overcome this setback in particular do i do things bit by bit or do i continue to save and do everything at once…hmmmmmm *thinking*


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