So bascially i thought the title of the Blog is ALL “ABOUT ME” AND VEECI so even tho ive bascially been posting stuff that i like who i like my style likes and some things about my clothing line VEECI (which will have a slight name change nothing major but all that coming) i havnt … Continue reading


SO BASICALLY THESES R THE QUESTIONS I AM ASKED ALLLLLLL THA TIME…SO NOW WHEN IM ASKED A Q SIMULAR TO ONE OF THESE I’LL SEND THEM MY BLOG LINK LOL…. Q: How come there isn’t any picture of new things up? A: the reason why there’s not really anything that new up is because I’ve … Continue reading


I will be blogging very soon i used to have a blog before but i am going to get back into tha swing of things shortly im just trying to complete this blog that has taken me for ever to get and im still learning….i will start bloggin SOON xxx

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