Veeci (C) The Hand Sewn Clothing Company (check out my facebook group)

HEY people this is just a little blog/website/photoblog that I have started/put together….somewhere where i am able to store all my designs/photos of designs. Everything I have done so far old and newish are all on this website (well not every last thing but most of my things are here).

I plan on producing a whole load of new things and when I do i will launch an OFFICIAL website along with great FASHION and serious photoshoots. I have been planning and putting ideas together for a while now i have so many ideas for different ranges and concepts and im getting things rolling now. My 1st range is more of a Casual Wear range i have much more to offer but that will be shown in my next range.

Ive bin there done all that already in terms of clothing and designing  and getting out there and it didnt get me very far just abit of status around uni’s and facebook BUT i want so much more than that so now im taking a whole different route to how i approach things im basically taking my time and doing things right cuz this is my future were ona bout ere lol

feel free to contact me if you have any questions and so on (just visit my “CONTACT ME” menu or look to the Right along the side 😀 xxX

7 Responses to “ABOUT ME”
  1. KG 'Jennifer Hudson' Phenomenon says:

    dammmmmmmmmmmmmmn gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllll!!! Im fully endorsing this KAIIII!! so proud of you hun, its like slapping the haters in the head with a fish loooooool.

    Cant wait to see the finished products!


  2. lol tha way i wud tag dem all if i could LOL

  3. Ema Cale says:

    Custom Made Web Sites & Graphics http://felixpantaleon.info

  4. I really enjoyed reading through this write-up:) I most certainly will be coming back to read some more intriguing ideas!! Thank you:D

  5. Reading this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you making the effort and effort to put this post together. I signed to your blog RSS. Very informative post. Looking more to something like this.

  6. Rattling clear website , thanks for this post.

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