IM GUNNA KEEP IT SHORT AND SWEET i have mannnnny pictures which i will upload to facebook wen i can be bothered haha…..i loveeeeeeeeeee this City abit to much lol my 2nd time i now call it home *shrugs* TIMES SQUARE NEVERRRRRRR SLEEPS!! FASHION AVE   SO BASICALLY I WILL HAVE ONE OF THESE IN … Continue reading


…….well not really LOL but i got hold of an iphone app that i spend most of my day on lol which you can just create styles/looks i even found an iphone app where i can actuali design clothes like r u serious lol I don’t think i did to bad if i do say … Continue reading


KIM K WHAT YOU THINK? SEE MY Aaliyah inspired look HERE


A few days weeks months ago i blogged about an idea that i had do to an Aaliyah inspired collection (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE POST) which i have just completed……well drawn up anyway it will go in2 production professionally soon….Aaliyah (R.I.P) loved her….she defiantly inspired me over all… my own world wen i was … Continue reading


saw these pictures of Angela on her uncle russle simmons site GlobalGrind which were taken just over the weekend. Angela, The stylist and the Photographer C. Michael Williams  did a great job!! love it i chose the pictures i liked the most to show… SOURCE:


I love Derek Blanks he is super talented and it upsets me that we aint friends……………..YET lol… Anyways Dereck resently did 1 of his well known Alter Ego shoots with R&B singer Brandy and released the pictures today (Via his twitter) and like i knew i would i loved them Check them out THIS IS … Continue reading


I was searching for a file which i didnt find 😦 on my laptop but i came across these designs that i drew yearsssssssssss ago lol i just lol’d and aww blessed myself… I remeber doing this one (Above) its was Aaliyah inspired… MEMORIES!! I look back at these and think gosh ive come a … Continue reading


loved this colourful spread from cassie she definitely did a great job here….i havent done a post on celebs for a while so i thought i’ld blog this since i could be bothered lol and i love it… LOVE this (above) my second favorite out of all the images i saw this is my favorite … Continue reading


What a beautiful holiday loved it 2 much!! The Apartment in the city (well 2 pics of it lol) Beautiful buildings Loved this display Loveeeeed this window display at puma it gave me ideas I liked this display….all black with a touch ov red.. Inside the Mall So beautiful Im so happy lol i loved … Continue reading


While watchin my new No.1 show  “SINGLE LADIES” my eyes couldnt help but ZOOM into the handbag mz lisaraye was holding in 1 scene Yes im that sad i paused it and took a nice pic of it lol i mean how else am i meAnt to show ppl what im lookin for cuz i … Continue reading

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