THE START OF GREAT THINGS (fingers crossed)

so this is what ive bin working on this is onli 4 out of 6 designs and the hats aint with me yet they are still in china cuz im makin a few changes to the hat designs but other than that im happy with the outcome i obviously dont wanna show the design just … Continue reading


did a shoot recently for my snapback collection and also introducing some tops and footwear that i will be unleashing onto the world soon i pray pray pray that it is received well and this will be the beginning for meee whoooop lol a big thank you to YSjewellery for lending me some earring for … Continue reading


Hey ppls basically i have done a 360 lol which is the story of my life really and something i must work on because im forever changing my mine…..FUNK by Veeci has been put on hold for a while because i am working on the veeci official website and a few of my retail focused … Continue reading


This was taken (LAPTOP SCREEN) with my iphone and its all i have image wise 2day all my files from my lappy were wiped off…it was a very emotional time trust me!….thank God tho that most off my files that i need anyways r still on my old laptops hard-drive….or else i would be in … Continue reading


I am still waitin for all of my deliveries to arrive 1 have 1 or two things left and then i can get down to business i have been using my time while i wait productivly tho 😀 SO FAR my…. I went out and spent almost 3 hours in the fabric store tryna get … Continue reading


When i was in NewYork in forever21 i did come across a top that had the hello kitty logo onit which did catch my eye but i guess that i was an old design?… It makes sense for the two companies collaborate together forever 21 is all about being young and stylish and Hello kitty … Continue reading


I’m now taking it all 100% seriously my real journey begins now I’ve spent tha last few days buying everything from fabric to fabric paint to bring my Aaliyah inspired collection (SEE PREVIOUS POST) to life…..I actuali can’t wait to see it all made and finished……d I was goin to get manufacturers to make it … Continue reading


KIM K WHAT YOU THINK? SEE MY Aaliyah inspired look HERE


A few days weeks months ago i blogged about an idea that i had do to an Aaliyah inspired collection (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE POST) which i have just completed……well drawn up anyway it will go in2 production professionally soon….Aaliyah (R.I.P) loved her….she defiantly inspired me over all… my own world wen i was … Continue reading

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