THE START OF GREAT THINGS (fingers crossed)

so this is what ive bin working on this is onli 4 out of 6 designs and the hats aint with me yet they are still in china cuz im makin a few changes to the hat designs but other than that im happy with the outcome i obviously dont wanna show the design just yet i wanna wait until my site is launched 

HOPEFULLY  and I PRAY that this will be the start of great things N ppls fall inlove with the design the way i designed the hats is different its not just a logo on the cap an thats it so i hope they are received the hats from my photoshoot i physically made myself and those colours wont be available yet

but yeh all will be revealed soon

OH Yeh im also apart of almost everything now lol

mzveeci – instragram

my blog


think thats it im still gettin the hang of  Tumblr & Instragram i onli joined them properly just early hours YDAY (31st dec) morning so bare with me D



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