did a shoot recently for my snapback collection and also introducing some tops and footwear that i will be unleashing onto the world soon i pray pray pray that it is received well and this will be the beginning for meee whoooop lol

a big thank you to YSjewellery for lending me some earring for the shoot check them out (WEBSITE)


Jace Morgan (Website )


Jay Rock (ModelMayhem)


Naomi Chynxee McKenzie  (ModelMayhem)

Zanesha Edwards (Twitter)


Daryl J

thank you all!! i look forward to seeing the pics i only got a few well 2 to be exact (lol) pix myself  and then a few from the photographer check them out i dont wanna show 2 much i dont even want ppl 2 see the designs of nething until my site is launched between us we only got a few pix we didnt really focused on behind the scenes shots


this is just 1 area of the fashion empire that i intend to start ppl always askin me what is my style like as a design and i say everthing and thats exactly what i plan 2 do i wanna be involved in every part of fashion from vogue covers to footlocker


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