Hey ppls
basically i have done a 360 lol which is the story of my life really and something i must work on because im forever changing my mine…..FUNK by Veeci has been put on hold for a while because i am working on the veeci official website and a few of my retail focused clothing will be goin into production soon so i am basically dealing with all of that……BUT the 1st offical fashion show that i do will be showcasing FUNK and not my retail focused clothing…..

I am also working on my portfolio (which is the the pic below) went to go and collet print outs of my work and thats a lil taster i guess….but yeh…im working and perfecting that as well as producing samples of my clothes and accessories


2 Responses to “360”
  1. Alan says:

    hi, i just came across your blog, and i was wondering if you needed a clothing manufacturer?
    here’s some details on my company.

    lydia Garments is a Singaporean owned factory located in Panyu, Guangdong, China, that produces fashion wear for men, ladies and children. 
    We do Free-On-Board (FOB) services for our client and specialize in manufacturing all types of fashionable wear, including men, ladies and children’s knit & woven wear.
    Although we are considered a young company, being established only in 2010, we have dealt with several well known brands, such as Gap, Old Navy, Mothercare, Walt Disney, Banna Banna, Marks & Spencers, Homegrown etc.
    We ensure good quality clothing and excellent services to our customers.

    Services available: 
    – FOB service on any types of clothing – charge subjected to style
    All types of fashion wear for men, ladies and children such as knit & woven tops & bottoms, round neck, polo tee, blouse, dresses, pants, skirts etc.

    – Client shall provide their design of product, and we will purchase the necessary fabric and accessories. Upon sample approval by our client, we would produce the garment and sell to the client accordingly.

    – If the client does not have a detailed design in mind, simply tell us the type of garment you are looking for, and we shall request our designer to draw it out for you. If you are satisfied with the design, we shall proceed with manufacturing the styles.

    * Please take note that the minimum order quantity for each design & color is 100 pieces, due to the minimum fabric order quantity.

    Payment method: 
    – minimum 30% down payment.
    – Upon completion, balance would be paid before shipment
    – Both payment shall be paid through transferring money from the Singapore bank account directly to Lydia Garments China Bank Account.

    Shipment method: 
    – After completion of the products, we will send it to the Guangzhou warehouse (located in China), and the forwarder will ship the products to Singapore by sea.
    – This will take about a week to arrive. 

    Factory located at :
    China, Guangdong, Guangzhou, Panyu,
    Shi Lian Road, No 15,  3rd Floor,
    Pang Jiang Dong Cun, Shi Ji Zhen

    Alan Chong Poh Chung
      + 86 153 6000 8230
      + 86 136 6250 9198

  2. thank you for getting in touch i will be intouch

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