I’m now taking it all 100% seriously my real journey begins now I’ve spent tha last few days buying everything from fabric to fabric paint to bring my Aaliyah inspired collection (SEE PREVIOUS POST) to life…..I actuali can’t wait to see it all made and finished……d I was goin to get manufacturers to make it all to that PERFECT level but it’s way to expensive to get all 24 individual pieces and 14 complete looks made soooooooo I’m makin it all well not all 1 or 2 real complicated 1’s I’m sending off……but yeh watch this space

20110930-003257.jpgITS BLURED ON PURPOSE BTW….all drawn up n completed

the first dress has been made by moi…..its very plain and simple exactly how i wanted it to go under something else original design of the complete outfit had a boob tube dress but i thought it looked a lil boring so i made this instead….

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