While watchin my new No.1 show  “SINGLE LADIES” my eyes couldnt help but ZOOM into the handbag mz lisaraye was holding in 1 scene

Yes im that sad i paused it and took a nice pic of it lol i mean how else am i meAnt to show ppl what im lookin for cuz i really need this bag or something thats blue and black.

The color blue has now caught my eye and i started looking at blue bags i didnt find many that i liked AT ALL apart from these 3…


There are different sizes to this bag

I would of course go for the xl i dont like small bags

and the only other nice bag i saw in blue was…..

this polo bag is both of my fav colors plus my new obsession with blue like what more could i ask for lol love this 1 tha most and if it wasnt ralph (cz 2 be honest im not a major obsessed fan of designer lables) i wud still want this…..may jue treat myself…


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