so since ive onli just discoverd how to put ur own patten on2 a design on illustrator (terrible i kno concidering that ive bin using illustrator 4 many many years now lol smh)  i hav now started designing more and putting my patterns/print designs onto the designs because even tho my designs are plan and block coloured (mainly cuz i didnt kno how to put patterns on each design) i always will have patterned or printed materials in my designs…

The print design i made about 4/5 years ago now

which i did print on to a tshirt when i 1st did the design (i kno i say i sew everything i design which i do but this wud hav taken WAY TO LONG for me to sew so i printed it)

which i think was missing something and it looked extremly boring But i now experimented with the print and came out with this…

WHAT DO U THINK? its abit loud i know lol but i loves it!!


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