Helllllllllllo so i tweeted tha other day how every so often i get obsessed about a product and buy loads and loads but in different styles my last obsession was  ankle boots lol i have boxes of shoes in my house that ive not even worn yet and now my obsession is NAIL VARNISH ive just been buying them non stop….

My latest buy (well about a week ago) was these:

and then tha day after i got these:

Then started experimenting…



I didn’t really like this 1 i removed it tha next day…

and then i thought ok i have to stop now cuz im buying to many….i seem to stick to different shades of browns reds and pinks but i did step outta my comfort zone and went for a bluey kinda colour….

ive not yet experiment with this colour but this was tha last i brought well until i stepped into super drug yesterday lol and ive bin meaning to buy the nail varnish that cracks (dunno tha proppa name for it and so i did dere wasnt much variety tho there was onli baby pink, baby blue, baby purple and my favorite colours black and white so obviously i went str8 for those…

3.99 a bottle if u wanna go get some…cuz alotta ppl 2day were asking me were did i get them from and what issit reh reh reh 

then i got home and experimented when i got home me and my bezzymate were very sadly excited LOL to go home and put them on i think she brought all the colours lol and this was tha outcome

i used a white standard nail polish and then put the cracked effect polish over it ive not yet tried the white cracked polish….and i love it don’t watch tha random plain black colour on 1 finger its a thing i copied from my bezzymate and liked lol so its now our thing 😀 so don’t ask HAHA 

but i also got silver and gold i know both colours will come in handy 1 day…

now all i need it some grey colours and a few more shades of pink and 1 bottle of orange and then my collection is complete….oh yeh and some base and top coat polish then i am done

I should really remove the barcodes shouldnt i LOL *sigh*…..but newayz as ive come off the nail varnish hype ive started buying rings lol but ill save that for another post!

P.S…Most the images r abit crap but i tried lol some i even made lighter cuz they were so dark tha lighting in my room is rubbish every else wasnt taken in my room even that’s y the images are so clear lol smh



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