*sings* She would probably leeeeeeeeave u Alone…..She would probably curse u out an unplug her phonnnnnne…..I bet she’d b glad…..that u was gone…..And then she wouldn’t have to worry…. 

So basically my original idea for my 2nd range was to design a range of  signature looks which i even stated designing  (CHECK POST) ive developed it alot more than that now and added more designs to the range but i stop that i have so many ideas running through my head for different collection but tha idea that got to me the most was….


yeh i loveeeeeeeeeeeeed her lol she did inspire me alot you know her styles and everything i loved her tomboy image/style and i defo had her in my mind when i used to design clothes when i was younga kinda like a “hmmmm what would Aaliyah wear” OR “hmmmm would Aaliyah wear this” kinda thing…

BabyGirl will inspire my next range with till be the break out range for me….rite now im just researching her style and things like that putting a moodboard together i havent yet thought of colour schemes or nothing 1 step at a time i guess ROLL ON MY NEW COLLECTION im soo gunna have fun with this 1

P.S my 1st range ive finished my portfolio for this collection well once ive matched each textile samples and fabric samples to the correct outfits im dunnnnn i was in 2 minds about making the designs or just leaving it in my portfolio as visuals BUT ive decided to make them all i have the perfect shoot idea and once i had that i thought NAH i must make them lol 


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