SURREAL CLOTHING (my old name lol)

In college 1 of our tasks was to make a mens shirt from scratch take a picture of it (dont av that pic nemore lol) and then change it sumhow into something that a female would wear i kept the shirt element and eres the result…

I used a grafitti theme (hence tha cut off SL lol)  cuz i tried to graff all over the back ACTUALI! now that i think about it this design was actuali a mistake LOL….originally i wanted a loose type of shirt with graffiti all over the back and along the front to go with my theme but because i made a mistake with my attempted graffiti print i cut it off and then this was born lol i was always into showing as much skin and i could…AHHH MEMORIES

And i remember as i styled the look i wanted it to be buttoned up all wrong like a messy kinda look…..and how many years later Vivienne Westwood created the drunken shirts lol VIV MY DEAR let me come and work/intern with u!!


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