So I was browsing though a blog I came across recently ( ) and ther was a post on Jeffrey Campbell….I’ve seen his name pop up on my timeline (twitter) a few times but I’ve only ever seen the “Lita’s” by Jeffrey which i saw on GFG

and I hadn’t reali looked at his shoe collections b4 until 2day….When I was lookin at images of his shoes I thought


The reason y I say that is because a few days ago I did a post on me TRYING to design some shoes my 1st attempt  ( ) and they look so similar to my attempts and the ideas that I had


I design a shoe like this but it was a ankle length with a hard plastic bottom

They may not be exactly the same but its tha same kinda thing if u get me…..Sooooo I’ll leave designing shoes (4NOW) b4 ppl think I outright copied Mr Campbell (something I don’t do) and stick to my (reinvented plimsolls lol) once I’ve made a name 4myself ill try again as cloths r my passion neway BUT loook at these beauti’s


Gosh I love him now (i understand y so many girls have bin talkin about him) lol I sooooooooo wanna meet him or intern 4 him!!!! let me go and search 4 an email or some form of contact

our thoughts r way 2 similar Some may think “yeh flo don’t get excited lol” but I KNOW what I’m saying! Some of the designs I saw ov his may not be exactlyyyy tha same idea I had but its very very close

I want some j.C ankle boots

2 Responses to “ME vs JEFFREY CAMPBELL”
  1. omgfashion says:

    you have talent keep pushing and you will make a name for yourself 😉

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