So last night (4th April 2011) well this morning i shud say around 4/5 i got inspired to have a go at designing some shoes…..ive always involved shoes into my stuff BUT its usuali plimsolls and casual footwear but this time i thought i wanna design shoes 😦 lol and ive bin sayin/thinking this 4 a while so i thought GO ON DEN FLO AV A GO lol annnnnnnnd i did……do tell me what u think tho…..i was inspired by Shapes and Bold Colours and Abstract Art…


Ok for my 1st attempt  i think i did ok….i think az time goes on i will develop more and become alot better…..I DO THINK this wud hav came out and looked better if it was drawn pencil 2 paper….but ah well i like my ideas….

what do u think? Good Attempt? crap?wow? rubbish? stick to clothing flo?

LET ME KNOW!! i can take it lol… designing shoes isnt realllllly my thing i just thought lemmie try

P.S i defo wanna be able to bring out shoe lines and bag lines (as i am obsessed with bag! way more than i am about shoes)…in the future…

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  1. […] that is because a few days ago I did a post on me TRYING to design some shoes my 1st attempt  ( ) and they look so similar to my attempts and the ideas that I […]

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