So i come across a vintage store i think last week or the week b4 across the road (well a bit further down) from my fav fabric store (even tho it has been letting me down alot recently) never seen it b4 mayb because im not really a fan of vintage but more recently vintage has become the trend of most females and males so mayb thats why it caught my attention so i thought let me go in and see what all tha fuss is about…cuz i jst dont get vintage lol i believe onli certain people can pull of that whole vintage look and make it their own whereas most people cant but those that can and that i hav spotted i think wow that looks really nicely put together but neways enough of that here’s a few images…

because the sun is out in manny this is what happened….although u can still see the window display…

1 thing i loved about the store was thar it defiantly had the whole vintage feel to it…

I liked the doll on the car that was the first thing that caught my attention…

I loved the way they displayed the shoes…

After my first trip into a vintage store i came to tha conclusion that, yeh as a previously thought vintage isnt really my style im not loud with my fashion style/sense (even though as a designer i can be) and im very much coordinated and vintage is about mix matching i do love vintage jumpers tho and cardigans so i will get me a few of those but that’s as far az is goes lol…. oh and i did see a jacket that i liked but it was a dark cream if it was black or white i wud hav brought it then and there lol BUT it wasnt lol but next time i do go in that store and it’s still there it’s a sign and i will get it lol x

P.S a few ppl that i kno  personally and a few bloggers i follow wud hav a field day in this store lol e.g blogger @Jayelectro ( love her style) or my girl christina 2 name a few….its so big bigger than i expected….x

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