My good friend told me to do an up close and personal questions and answer blog post cause i dont blog enough about myself as my blog is called “ALL ABOUT ME and VEECI” im not a fashionista i dont have a wild clothing style i just dress all black simple stylish everything lol so i cant blog my outfits of the day lol i thought yeh why not so these are the questions she asked me…

When did you realize that fashion is the career for you?

At a young age…i remember making people out of paper and clothes out of paper and putting them on my 2paper people, changing outfits everyday ect etc ” lol (ahhh memories) and as a grew a lil older i got in doll and i used to make clothes for that and i vowed that 1day i would make clothes, a range of barbie clothes for the doll and i will make that come true lol thats when i realized that fashion was 4 me at a young age…i cant see myself anything else so i have to be successful in it…

What or who inspires you?

Alot of people and not just fashion designers ermmm God, Brook elison, 2pac, Vivienne westwood, Aaliyah (1 person i always loved n wanted 2 design 4 badddddd), Angela n Vanessa simmons and recenstly added to my list Mondo Guerra love love love him…

Fashion is a very hard industry to break/get into, does that discourage you at all?

Nope i dont see any1 as my competition tbh, that may sound big headed but i dont even mean it in that kinda way im just confident in my design ability and i know theres a space in the industry for what i have to offer. I look back at the things i have done in the past and im not impressed by any of it BUT i am proud of it if that makes sense its all part of my growth as a designer……really i guess my eye for detail and fashion ideas now has matured its still fun but more mature…i always say out loud when i am fully 110% ready i will  take my spot thats warmin up4me lol…

What category would you put yourself in interms of designing style? e.g  formal wear, sports wear etc etc?

I dont even kno im still tryna find myself because i can design anything  but i dont have a main stlye the more i design my break out collection i do see a sense of style tho…but that question im still tryna figure out the answer…

Why are you always in ALL BLACK EVERYTHING?

looooool….i add black everythingthing i wear…im not always dressed head to toe in black i may exaggerate all with all that but i wont lie most of what i wear is black

What will be your first move, what i mean is that how do designers even start like get out there, what do you do first?

MY 1st step would be to build but my portfolio making it super strong and then make the clothes and then do a real photoshoot something that looks magazine worthy which will look strong in my portfolio after that ill just stalk alotta indutry people lol (stalk ukno) i need a portfolio without that im just talk especially to industry people so thats my next move…..i wanna do a fashion show as well and invite industry people, buyers, merchandisers etc etc but we’ll see about that

Random Q Favorite songs or artists?

i love Jessie J voice shes amazing……Aaliyah, Floetry, Eric Roberson, Anything Drake, Anything Neo Soul, NEthing 80’s/90’s Hip Hop and RnB, Nicki minaj ft Drake moment for life, Etizz – Loving you ft guvna b and a few others,  Hi Tek n Talib Kweli – the blast, Jagged Edge – what you tryna do

Favorite Fashionista’s/Trend setters Celebs or not?

Teyana Taylor, Aaliyah, TLC, Diggy Simmons, Kim Kardahian, Kayne West, Amber Rose

What are your Aspirations?

– Barbie doll clothing range

– Get on a billboard in times square

– A New york or LA office

– Meet brooke elison and every1 that inspired/inspries me

– Have my own stores in London Paris LA and NY

and tha obvious

-Having and running my own successful business in fashion design

Future plans?

I plan on moving to NYC or LA or just somewhere in America maoving aint easy at all even goin over there for 6months is longggggg but come sept/oct i will move for at least 3months and try and extend it 2 6…..i wanna intern with 1 of my fav designers if it was easy to just move to america and not hav to go through so much paperwork and visa waiting and stress (cause unless your goin there to study then its HARD to get overthere) i wud be moving perminatly in sept not 4 3-6months lol

Industry dislikes?

I noticed that unless your bait (known by alotta ppl) people dont give you a chance (and thats any industry including music) some people only want to know you when your up there or making major moves if u even fall off for a min every1 disapears lol i find it funny SMH you realllllllllllll gotta know who ur REAL FRIENDS are….some people just wanna be along for the ride until the ride breaks down its those that stay and help you fix that ride and jump back onit with u, are the people you need in your life

Anything last things/words?

Im always making moves and networking….im just a silent mover!…i dont need to boast ill let my success speak for itself when peoples mouths are left wide opened thinkin since when???? “shes been quiet for ages how did that happen” lol….ive learnt not to talk about my ideas or woteva with ne1….and i dont ask ne1 one for nething i just do me………gettting into fashion IS HARD but ull face alot of knockbacks b4 you get to ur goal and that goes for anything….

PS. i cant be bothered to proof read this il amend spelling errors 2morrow lol x

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