ok so i have come to the end of project runway season 8 :(:(:( my fav show on this earth has ended its upsetting (lol well ended as in up 2 season 8 season 9 will be out soon 😀 ) lol u would think they had stopt tha show with tha way im goin on….but ive bin catchin up with season 7 &8 back 2 back 4 tha past week or so but newayz


caught my attention from the begining he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO taleneted i love love love his work and the use of patterns!!!! thats my thing i love usuaing pattens but the way HE uses patterns is so much more out there and experimental than me im more coordinated az i always say but he mixes and matches but still makes the colors and pattens that you wouldnt think to put 2gether and MAKES IT WORK!!


Because i delete every episode after i watch them i didnt print screen all the outfits he did to show u all BUT this came up on 1 of tha last episodes b4 tha final so theres a few of the designs he made on the show


The final 3 designers (out of 17/16) get to showcase a collection at newyork fashion weekand as one of the final 3 this was his collection (some are print screens and some are images taken from his website


hes super talented and his work is out there i believe thats he will be another Christian Siriano Siriano is a project runway winner/designer whos name you still hear about today) and even tho Mondo didnt win and came 2nd (which i am still shocked about) he captured tha hearts of many people and his work speaks a thousand words!


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