So yday just 1 min b4 the printers shut i managed to collect my 1st range of clothing 😀 😀 (drawings btw) it was a proud moment lol i was happy to have them hard copy so nowwwwwww i can start puttin my portfolio with fabric samples and nice creative artwork together 😀 YAY….

If u kno me u kno im very fast and impatient and i have aleadi started designing my next range with will also go in my portfolio….with my 1st range its more of a casual wear look simple but with twists in areas but with this range it more highfashion…

This is how it all looks b4 i put all tha color on it

Tha start of it all i think with this im jst going to do women’s wear whereas my 1st range/collection is mens and womens……i wasnt gunna give to much away by showing u what they all  actuali look 😉 like i neva do….although i may reveal 1 from the collection….

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  1. […] idea for my 2nd range was to design a range of  signature looks which i even stated designing  (CHECK POST) ive developed it alot more than that now and added more designs to the range but i stop that i […]

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