so im bored at work (ermmm  hope non of my managers see this LOL) so yeh i thought let me design something sooooo…..wait b4 all that i was watching the program i LOVE “Project Runway” season 7 and 1 of the tasks was for the designers to design a SIGNATURE LOOK and i though heyyyyy i wanna do that and it would look so good in my portfolio (which i am currently working eva so hard on) so i thought ok and started designing something that fits me az a designer sooooo…thats where all the random designing started from so i drew this while boredddd…

lookin at it now im thinkin ermmm LOL but at tha time i was so proud LOL i havnt drawn a design in ages pencil/pen 2 paper im so used 2 using illustrator eva since i mastered the skill in college i love illustrator because it brings my designs to life visually which brings me to my next picture i came home and drew the design i drew at work onto  illustrator and……

I dunnnnnnno it feels abit OLDISH….i need to develop it more im not completely happy with it i have a habbit of not sticking to a design i end up changing it completely

AND lol

i did change it up ALOT and came up with this….

This is more me but even this im still developing it ill post up all the stages and final look when i have finished….


in saying that i will go back to the original design and develop that so it still looks the same but better


oh and btw this is DEFIANTLY A SIGNATURE LOOK…..i designed tis last year but this i s defo me as a designer i think this is 1 of the best things i have designed i loved it…all black 😀

  1. Dominic says:

    Amazing details! I have already been hunting for something such as this for a time now. Thanks for the tips!

  2. A very helpful blog – Thank you. I am sure you will not mind me writing about this blog on my website – I am just starting a weblog and have been looking for some ideas on layout and design. Any words of support would be great – I will, of course, also link back to this site Keep on Blogging 🙂

  3. Such a good website. Well done

  4. malbork says:

    F*ckin’ amazing things here. I am very glad to see your post. Thanks a lot and i am looking forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

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