Angela Simmons recently tweet pic’d what’s to be relesed from pastry in a few weeks….amongst the pictures of the latest shoes and trainers that are expected to come out in the comming weeks were a lil snippet of what to expect from there varsity range which I fell inlove with!! From the shoes to jackets. And the Read trainer definiaty caught my eye…

I love that red trainer…im hoping we get them in the uk!!! well if not ONLINE SHOPPIN it is lol im not even a trainers person nemore but ill rock these

6 Responses to “PASTRY’s VARSITY RANGE”
  1. hey pal, your blog page’s concept is exceptional and i like it. Your articles are great. Remember to keep it up. Greets.

  2. Rissa says:

    Did the varsity jackets come out yet?

  3. Ella says:

    Do u knw where we can have a jacket ?! Im looking for one 😦

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