Leona Lewis revealed her new look 1st at the Justin Beiber “Never say Never” premiere and then showed off the look again at Essence’s Black Women In Music event last night (9th Feb 2011) in LA.

Apparently  Miss Lewis designed the tops that she wore to both events and has a clothing line in the works.

I have read a few other blogs and a few of them don’t like it or have criticized her for what Leona is wearing but i like it, its playful but classy and a mix match of colors which go together really well…..”why so serious people?”…..Leona looks beautiful and she could easily pass 4 a model…Miss Lewis has defiantly matured in her style LOVE IT


I really like how she’s changed her style/image BUT still remained true to her original style which is quite classy….what i mean is Leona didn’t do a 360 and go for a drastic change she just basically took the look she already and made it more stylish. she is on the right track to being a Fashionista which she was never really seen as before….


i came across this ID cover of her’s im not 100% sure when this cover was shot but she looks HOT!!

btw it was dec 2008 LOL wow im late 😦

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