As we have all gathered now I LOVE THIS WOMAN and i saw a tweet from london fashion with her names attched so i clicked on that! asaps lol and the tweet lead me to a webpage filled with information about how Miss Westwood has teamed up with discount fashion retailer TK Maxx for an exclusive Red Nose Day promotion….my 1st thought yet! thats that kinda stuffs i wanna be doin WHEN i make it in industry se my talent for me AND! for good causes such as this 1…..and looking at the tshirt you can defiantly see her in the design….

Love this picture! defiantly my fav

Many celebrities are showing their support by modeling and promoting the tshirts
The tops are available NOW @ TK Maxx and are priced between £5.99 and £14.99, with all proceeds going to Comic Relief
“I once did a collection called ‘I am Expensiv’, meaning that we are supported by  the suffering of the whole world in our privilege bubbles and we must try and help people a bit” – Vivienne Westwood

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