So i was thinking about updating my ABOUT ME page but i thought i wud just do a post and me and designing my influences blah blah so here we go…

1st of all i kno i write in a lot of slang like instead of “the” i say “tha” and so on…..well blame texting lol and besides its a blog if it was tha real world i would use the correct   ….i often see my spelling errors but i cant b bothered to correct it eitha LOL i kno thats bad but oh well and most of the time i type pretty fast and i dont even proof read b4 posting   but i will try from now on 😀


<— I’m Flo and this is my blog where I basically blog about what i like and whom i like in terms of fashion sense/style. at the beginning wen i did some work for the BBC i made this blog just because a few ppl at the bbc wanted to see my stuffs and directing them to my facebook group was not a good look AT ALL lol so i thought ill do a blog put pics of what i can do and what i have done so its easier to just give them a http

“why didnt you just make a website??”i hear u ask

because my photoshoot pics dont look professional enough when i get a website i want things done properly all my pics r camera taken by me or basic photoshoots

“Im a perfectionist and until i have pictures that are of ay magazine/billboard standard there wont be a website”

if  u follow my blog u can sorta see that my style is all over tha place and i like all types and different types of fashion from urbanish to high fashion and as a designer i can see myself being involved with both…i will design things for casual wearing teens and also the professionals and high fashion people…  

When i design for Men i design based around what i would like to see guys wear lol thats my main influence and motivation when it comes to designing for guys i like to see them matching and clean cut smart and coordinated…. but also in both men and women my main influence for designing for both is color coordination which is my personal style and through all my designing and styling u will see me in that….from shoes to tha top everything will be colour coordinated

i dont really mix match in terms of colour but i will rom time to time and explore that by designing something outside of the box which is also apart of my personal “out of tha box and random…randomly”….

my influences are designers such az

Vivenne Westwood 1st and foremost ,

Jean Paul Gaultier


and VANESSA AND ANGELA SIMMONS … well az muscians such az the late Aaliyah R.I.P, Teyana Taylor, Dawn Richards….well BASICALLY every1 i blog about has some sorta influence in my thinking process…

when is comes to designing i think of a made up person, sorta like a character and i image myself designing for that person or a range for that person and people…at 1st i actually wanted to become a costume designer for movies and music videos….which i would still love to do 1day

I also like the use of pattens as u should be able to tell almost everything i have made the materials have some sorta patten on it i think plain materials r boring i’ll always design with pattens if not on the whole design then bits of it will have pattens somewhere

I dont often talk about what i get up to or what kinda moves im making   because most ppl that ask you r not really interested they just ask to ask so most of the time when im asked a question like “Whats veeci saying??” OR “what you doing with veeci now” OR blah blah i always say nothing….1.because i cant b bothered to go into detail and 2.i think are u really interested? because most that ask me those kinda questions are those that dont wanna help when i ask for it sooooo… …….IM ALWAYS doin something with my clothing wetha it be planning designing blah blah im never doin nothin  i dont like 2 talk i just like 2 do…

I dont really look through or look at other designers work especially up an comers because i dont like getting ideas from other ppls work i feel like im cheating lol so its very rare that ill look through ne1 elses portfolio or designs Im not saying i close my eyes wheneva i see sum1 upload a design or photoshoot pics on e.g facebook ill see and look but i wont sit dere and go through there whole album

I love tshirts hence y i got into the whole tshirt designing 1st i live in t’s at home and i have soooooo many  i used 2 go and by tha 2 for i think £15 i cant remember and recently i brought a few disney t’s that i saw 4 99p per T special offer  

So my essay is coming to an end not got nething else to say really lol but i kno theres a space for me in tha industry thats being warmed up 4 me IM COMING PEOPLE 😀 most ppl havnt even seen HALF of what i can do im not just about hoodies and tshirts….

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