i really dont understand this… is that even comfortable to wear??… i found this pic online cuz i wanted to do a post on fake uggs (im not 1 of those saddos that take these kinda pictures lol) i didnt find that many pix…

i dont have nething against fake uggs to me they all look tha same 2bh lol i wont lie i have a fake pair in white which i brought online like 3/4years ago which ive never worn still in da box (onli because i didnt wanna get dem dirty lol)…uggs fake uggs whatever aint really my personal style i just brought them cuz they were white i had student loan and i was fast lol…...fake uggs r in trend just as much az tha real 1’s in my opinion more clothing stores sell tha fake 1’s….BUT i dont get how u can wear them to this stage

5 Responses to “FAKE UGGS”
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  3. Andy says:

    Hi. I was wondering… Do real ugg boots, after wearing them a lot turn “inside out”, like the fake ones? Because I was thinking of spending 200$ on real ones but I really don’t want to throw that ash on the window, know what I mean?…. Thanks!

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