So bascially i thought the title of the Blog is ALL “ABOUT ME” AND VEECI so even tho ive bascially been posting stuff that i like who i like my style likes and some things about my clothing line VEECI (which will have a slight name change nothing major but all that coming) i havnt reali posted nething ABOUT ME…..well….HI im Flo and i thought what could i do???? and i thought ill start off my showin a few of my resent purchases…i dont do pix of me i hate pix so here goes lol

MY BAG with luv…

it cost me £30 from some random clothing store in manchester i was eyeing it for time thinking shud i shud i the main reason i purchased was so they wud go with the boots i had got which had sheep skin around it (but i returned it the boots cuz they were a big much there was to much fur around them..”if im making sense*) i loves it black and white r my colors…im more of a silver person but of resent i have bin getting into my Gold…


So i came across this book about a week ago i was scanning through it and was instantly interested and ever since then i have became healthy mad the book is so informative not just on health food wise but exercise and other health issues women face that can be avoided etc etc i still haven’t read it fully i have read a few pages i just dont have time 2bh but these r the changes i have made...

lunches at work now everyday DAY1 above DAY2 below

me i’m trying eventually ill let go of the salad cream lol and replace it with a touch of hot sauce (hot sauce on a salad is the bi…nez! if u didnt know…)


got this from newlook for£20 i think i cant even remember lol it was either £20 or £15 in the sale summer dress i guess cuz i dont rave so…. i loves it its white with black stripes….lol sum1 get me out of this black and white shizzle plz…(p.s when pics r taken in my room u can just tell tha quality is soo rubbish…)


Im a sex and the city fan the main reason for my love for this is because it reminds me of my foursome (i love them dearly) and i’m miranda LOL love her but anyways not only that the obvious fashion link had me all the more interested…i have the boxset the dvds the extended versions and then i saw this perfume set without questioning i purchased…

…they smell ok nothing wowing about it, the smell is basically something you spray on when your going to work or out and about with friends but it was a must have and i didnt care lol


I got these from some random shop cost me £20 cheap and cheerful i was thinking about breaking my black and white thing and also buying these in brown and getting a brown bag *shocking* i know lol but i may just do so…i love them have not worn them yet but i will soon i have a thing for ankle boots for the past couple of weeks/months ive stocked up on them (i get like this when there’s something i like i get loads of that 1 thing till i find a next obsession ha)


I purchased my Diary which i have not yet wrote anything in lol what a shambles I KNO i need to get ontop of my fashion game if i want to do a fashion industry takeover i work mad hours but BY FORCE i will send of my portfolio pieces to the printers THIS WEEK and that will be my first insert to my diary

MY NEXT PURCHASES are as follows:

i said previously i go through obsessions stages yep this is my new 1 shiny patent…or anything shiny LETTTTTS GO (lol)

I will purchase these two (bag and coat) in the next *looks at watch* 20/30mins…

i love love LOVE i was told i can get them from topshop i went in there and didnt see them HO WELL online shopping it is im sure i will find them without fail

Also next on my list another random shop i went into 2 get these non in my size so im waiting on them to get some i would get them form somewhere else BUT when i returned my sheep skin boots i had not receipt so i received a credit note so…yeh ukno tha rest….

1 may think im abit late shiny patent and shiny has passed through the trend stages but i dont follow trends 😀 i do meeeeee


yep i want a wool 1 and a fur 1 (jessie j has gassed me on the fur 1)

AND THATS ALL FOLKS MY LONGGGGGG ASS TWEET (my gosh i said tweet lol twitter has just taken over my life) I MEANT ****POST**** HAS COME TO AN END ITS TIME FOR MY TO ENJOY MY MOVIE…..

i am going to update my *ABOUT ME* section tomorrow so u can get to kno me alittle more and more about my clothing line etc etc


2 Responses to “ABOUT ME…FLO…aka MZVEECI”
  1. You wrote some good parts here. I searched for the topic and found plenty of people who agree with you.

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