So yday i fell inlove with jessie j her voice is absolutely amazing her song big white room touched me and i thought wow shes gained a new fan lol. People may think “gosh shes abit late”  but i just havnt paid attention to her i new of her but wow just wow….so anyways i started noticing her style/image and i love it

i love this black and white look with the doc’s on this is me all over

I loveeeeeeeeee these tights!!!

Love the leggings and the “bum bag” (as i used to call them) and the top the whole style is 80’s/90’s luv it

I think she looks so much better with her hair up shes got such a pretty face…well i guess she’s able to rock both full fringe and away from the face looks…because some people look better with 1 or the other and not both…

TomBoy Jessie

i love the Snood…i want me 1 of those!

follow her on twitter ….shes about to blow so big!

I think i love the style because it’s black and white which are the colors i live in lol i would love to see her in color tho which im sure in the future she will surprise us with a color change just like rihanna did…


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