SO…i was updating myself with 1 of my fav blogs (do check it out) and the latest blog post was a style that the blogger put together using the website and straight away i got excited lol (yeh sad i know oh well) and i started to put my own looks together and the first one i came up with was…

I added the bow accessory because i wanted to add something associated with the *geeky look* to the outfit (i love the whole geek look) and also the bow accessory with become the fashion accessory everyone will have in 2011 (in my opinion)



my motivation for these styles was basically my style (not really my personal style) this is more my style as a designer…and the kind of looks/styles that you will see from me in the future…iLove the website tho i had to leave it cause i could have bin there all day lol xx

SO i said i left the site but i didn’t lol and ended up with this look…i must say this is my fav i love it!! especially once i realized that i could change the models and hair styles


and then i did another 2…



They all represent the type of designer that i am and as you can see they are all very different from eachother… xx now i wll leave this addictive site and go to bed lol….xx


2 Responses to “VEECI STYLES”
  1. Alexis says:

    Ahhhhh I really love it, the styling and the blog post… I can see myself getting addicted to this site very easily. xx

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