There is this girl that i came across called Christina W. Nguyen she is sooooooooooo talented why she hasnt got her own shop or stall or something yet is beyond me…here i picked my favs….well i wanted to add eveything but i obviously couldn’t lol….my style is quite simple yet stylish and im sure u can tell this while looking at my fav picks…

Christina is a nail artist/designer from London and her work is fabulous the pictures that i have on here is a verrrrrry small tiny portion of the images that she has posts on facebook on a regular these r just a few examples of her work…

I also love the Christina’s use of 3D nail decorations it looks gooood and i kno thats goin 2 be the new trend (ok not new cuz i have heard/seen of a few celebrities using nail decorations) but what i mean is right now not alot of females use nail decorations BUT give it a couple months and almost every female will have them on their nails…

These are a few pictures of some nail decorations

ILOVE this 1 as u can pretty much tell my style is very simple but yet fashionable this 1 is my favorite design with nail decorations. Im not 1 for Loud style and this is me all over lol simple but yet stylish IjustLOVE it

This 1 is wild lol it isnt  me cuz im not a loud person (as i said b4) but i do love it its different and something i would use in a photoshoot (Chritina im coming for u love lol) and im sure alotta females our there will love this 1…The reason y i like Christina ‘s designs its because her designs cater to every1 some1 will lover at least 1 of her designs…i hope she goes far cuz she is truly talented

LOVE THEM add her on FaceBook for updates and so on Christina hasn’t yet got her website buts in the works so look out for that


2 Responses to “FASHIONABLE NAILS ♥”
  1. wannabe2 says:

    Great job, but this is so I was doing this back in the 90’s. Coming back i guess.

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