So im an honest person and ive come 2 a dry spell now nothing really to talk/post about lol (im still up 2 the same things i said on my pervious post) so i thought oh why not go back down memory lane and post up some of the clothes that i have made, the 1s i liked and disliked the most…


(Crop Jacket Red & Tartan) i put this up 1st because it was the thing i was most proud of

(Black dress also with a black and white Tartan) like this 1 i still have it aswel

(Another jacket)

(Another dress)

(White hoody)

(And last but not least Black and Tartan dress…UNFINISHED BTW) – i put this last because its unfinished if it was finished it would have been NO.2


I cant believe i actualy made this and took it to the photoshoot to be photographed….what a shambolic mistake lol ergh

Another 2 that i think to myself…what were you thinking? the one on the left looks tacky and very poorly made and the on right looks thrown together….

These will defo be classed as FASHION BLUNDERS/MISTAKES!…

Everything else on the like section i liked the most out of the womens clothes that i have made and everything else i just think was ok these are what i’m most proud of anyway…

As you can see i love patten materials and 99% of the time i used patterned materials on everything i do and even tho somethings r blocked colors design/illustration wise but when it comes 2 making themi will use try and use patterned materials…if not for tha whole design then at least some of it…


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