I was lookin through The Style Network sky channel to see what was on and a show called “The Designers” is on everyother day (i cant remember what exact day its on or tym cuz i just clicked record and series linked it) and its basically a 30min documentary on Fashion Designers. The 1st 1 i watched was  about VERSACE

(1990’s Advert)


BUT i will say i think his stuff back in the 90s is more innovative than it is now but i still love…watching this mini doc was great it just reminded me of how talented he was

(These images were taken from the VERSACE Exhibition as you can see hes just the bestest lol)

(vintage 1990s VERSACE COUTURE Wool Jacket or Blazer)

(Vintage Versace Advert S.S 1991)

I chose this image because this is exactly how i used 2 design clothes when i 1st started designing everything was literally like this lines everywhere…


im stepping away from the 90’s and this is a more current look for VERSACE (Donatella) and i loveeeee this dress i think the use of the hearts is very cleaver

Hes defo 1 ov my fashion inspirations


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