FINALLY ive finished the whole womens wear range….
im tired im not even gunna start on tha males today cuz thats gunna take me lonnnnger this is only 8 looks and with mens dere double that

with this photo of my laptop screen….tha top section (if u can see dere all in sections) is the main outfits and styles thats im atuali goin to make and do a photo shoot on and present to tha fashion world……and under that on the right is all the outfits illustrated below this post is 1 jpeg of 1 of the illustarted outfits so if u havnt alreadi check it out…. everything else is just more styles of the same designs….like more colour options for customers eventual when i launch it all

UP & BELOW r just close ups reali….reali not needed but i wanted to make tha blog longer lol….also tha above pic i did kinda blur on purpose dont realli wanna show everything so that every1 knows what my range is looking like….this is just 2 show tha word I AM FINALLLLLLLY DUN yay! 😀

well finally done with the womens i will now put my lappy 2 tha side a couple movies lol



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