ok so basically this is 1 of the dresses lady gaga wore well changed in2 at tha VMA’s

…..well as a designer i can see the creative risk taking point ov view BUT why would you wear this?…..if i was to do something like this it wud be for show only not something i would say 1 should wear…in public…lol

i was reading an interview with the designer himself Franc Fernandez….and he answered alotta questions i wanted answers 2 like did it smell??…was it real??….was there a coating to protect the meat like im baffled lol!… for ages i was in denial thinking it wasnt even real meat it was more something made to look like meat…Apparently it didnt smell (but if you look at drake and his ppl who were sat behind her at the VMA’s you can see thier noses were covered a majority of the time LOL…

ermmmm what else… was bloodless… was made in a large fridge and kept in there until it was worn…..on lady gaga it was meat 2 skin lol (ergh if sum1s leg touches me its a problem for that person never mind raw nasty meat ) she had a corset on but other than that it was the meat on her raw skin…

and then these r tha shoes lol i aint gunna lie its creative but NO….never lol….looking at the rest of this designers stuff he seems possessed!…



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