I thought ild do something different and put my Fashion likes up its not necessarily my kinda self style choices (cuz if ukno me i stick 2 my blk grey and white and may a touch of colour which is very rare lol which is reali bad but i dont care lol) but its tha kinda stuff that does influence me as a designer it may not show in my current 2 ranges (2nd 1 which ive planned in my head so far) which im tryna keep simple but stlyish….but these styles r me…


I KNO i kno i picked a baby lol (young 1) but i like him and his style and his music even tho hes a baby he can mc!! and hes pretty good at it as well!)….i like him/his style because hes like a pherrell & lupe mixed together and i love them both eventually i will add them to my fashion likes

im a very big fan of the geeky fashion look and a big fan of a bow tie i see alotta artist and people rocking that look chris brown being 1 of them (2 name a few) but i like it eventuali i will do something with the bow tie look but it wont be an obvious thing (if u get me? if not good lol i think very much out tha box most times)

oh and btw check out diggy simmons track “think about me” i kno that has nothing 2 do with fashion but i lovvvvvvve it lol so y not promote lil man


p.s… i also thought instead of squeezing all of my fashion likes in this 1 post i would spread them out…so this is tha 1st of many to come

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