#Nowplaying Alicia Keys – Troubles

So basically my cousin hooked me up with an opportunity to use a few of my designs for a project him and the bbc are doing together…i wont know the fulll details (as in what it is im actually styling wether its a show/mini series/mini film etc etc…) until i go for a meeting/introduction on monday at the BBC studios so i guess ill update my blog when i know more 1 thing i do know is that i recieved all the hoodies and jumpers today and have till monday to produce 11 hoodies and 3 jumpers *yawns* its going to be a sleepness weekend im tellin ya. i was kinda hesitant to do it cause i kinda stopt all the designing for a while just tryna overload my bank account then do things proppa (cause this is my future here) but i thought nah this would look so great on my cv and who knows they may just hire me as a costume designer after (i wish i kno lol).

BUT right now im just really tired so…yeh i said i have till monday but im going sleep now lol well tell a lie i’m going to finish watching all my episodes of “Brandy & Ray J The Family Business” then im goin to snoooze

(i can just hear my darg and my ppls cussing me loooool)



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